What is work-life balance?

It is very easy in our fast paced world to lose sight of those things that are important in maintaining the correct balance between those things which are oriented to our place of employment and our family life. Of course it is fully understood that rewards are based on hard work and dedication but at times people cannot see that equal dedication to their personal life leads to rewards as well, the rewards being a stronger relationship and a deeper understanding of why we are on this planet in the first place. The individual who can explain this best is a work life balance expert; it is this individual who can help keep both obligations in their proper perspective.

What is work-life balance?

Many people are of the impression that the perfect wrok-life balance is 50/50 but the reality is the ratio between the time you devote to work vs. the time you devote to life is usually weighted toward work, at times it can be as high as 80/20. A work life balance expert will become concerned if someone finds themselves consumed by work where their work life balance is 90/10 or higher. The people who study this problem are of the opinion that the mantra should be “work to live and don’t live to work.” This by no means indicates that having a lifestyle which is oriented to work is wrong; it does mean however that a shift in priorities is probably in order.

With a limited number of productive hours available in a day many people find themselves dedicating a high percentage of the time to work; this is either a financial necessity or a love of the job and work environment. It is not always necessary to reduce the number of hours spent on the job but rather, it is finding better ways to fit personal time into the overall picture.

The best way to determine if your balance is correct is to discuss your situation with a work life balance expert, by doing this you can take an inventory of your life, determining where you stand vs. where you want to be. If you are dedicated to your job and not leaving yourself enough time or you spend your time simply recovering from the pressures of work then it is time to stand back and reconsider the priorities.

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