National Breast Cancer Awareness Month — How Far We’ve Come in Treatment and Prevention in the Last 20 Years

vector illustration of a breast cancer pink ribbon tree

October has been celebrated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month for the past 20 years, drawing our attention toward the disease and offering the hope of better health for millions of affected women. The primary aim behind this cause is to raise awareness about the disease and to emphasize the need for accessible mammography as a step toward prevention and treatment. Breast cancer is blamed as the leading cause of death among American women. However, diagnosis and detection through screening in the early stages is increasingly being seen as a life-saving measure. Over the past 20 years, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of women opting for routine screenings, which has helped in breast cancer diagnosis. But unfortunately, the number of breast cancer cases has only risen over the past two decades.

Breast Cancer Prognosis
Breast cancer patients undergo extreme pain and trauma, with a constant fear of losing their battle against the disease. During such times, support and encouragement from loved ones can help things greatly, giving them the courage not to be swayed in their misery or feel sorry for themselves. The ability of a patient to overcome cancer depends on their resilience to fight the disease that threatens to change their life forever. Regular treatment, screenings and diagnosis, chemotherapy sessions, and surgery to remove the malignant tumor are all very difficult processes. Nobody wants to do any of these awful things, but the willingness to live and be healthy and happy encourages them to keep the fight alive and beat out breast cancer. After all, one breast cancer survivor can shine the light of hope on thousands of others who are fighting a deadly battle with the disease.

Fighting Breast Cancer
Battling breast cancer is like facing a challenge with tough emotional and physical moments. Fighters always win and breast cancer survivors come out stronger after having gone through the physically and emotionally draining battle, shining that beacon of light on other patients that there is still hope after a diagnosis.

These are the steps you can take to fight breast cancer:

  • See your doctor right away if you find any change in breasts, such as nipple discharge or lump formation. Screening mammographies and other tests help detect the disease in patients who have no symptoms of breast cancer. Early detection of the disease means getting time to access the right treatment, which can greatly improve patient outcomes. Nobody wants to be detected with cancer, but early diagnosis and detection do promise better and timely treatment, raising survival rate.
  • Incorporate a healthy lifestyle, including weight management, limiting alcohol intake, and eating a balanced diet to minimize the risk of breast cancer.
  • Indulge in regular exercises to lower breast cancer risk and improve physical and emotional well-being.

Statistics reveal that 80 percent of women diagnosed with the disease do not have family history of breast cancer. What is even more intimidating is the fact that the current medical paradigm is clueless about the real cause of breast cancer, with no effective way to treat the disease. Spreading the word about breast cancer means spreading the cure, so it is critically important to talk with your loved ones about breast cancer, risk factors associated with the disease, and the importance of screenings.

Taking care of yourself and your loved ones is the best way for all of us to fight against breast cancer.

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