Why Live Optimally Now?

Live OptimallyWhy should you start living optimally now? Perhaps a better question is why not now? If not now, when? It’s never too late to start a new habit or new life assessment. The current level of world anxiety points to the need for a shift. In the United States, many people and businesses are still reeling from the recent financial crisis. Many live in a heightened state of fear and mistrust. Some are just starting to pick themselves up and dust themselves off, and there is a sense of overarching anxiety that has gone global.

Why Live Optimally Now?

We are constantly bombarded, if not with financial worries then with the specter of terrorism or the information overload that many of us experience in our 24/7, love/hate relationship with the Internet. Most of us are not world leaders and only some are activists, so the majority of us need to find strategies to make a certain amount of peace with what goes on in the big world. In our daily lives, most of us have more control than we know. The sooner we realize this, the greater our potential for creating healthy living in all the aspects of our lives that matter most.

Information bombards us at various levels of urgency. Often one source of information doesn’t take any others into account. A do-it-yourselfer might tell me I’d be better off remodeling my bathroom myself, but that person doesn’t realize that the time I’d spend, the frustration I’d endure, and the money it would cost to have someone clean up the mess I made would hardly be worth it. A doctor might prescribe a medication without discussing alternatives—or the fact that without insurance it will cost fifty dollars for each pill. In even the simplest of lives there are decisions to make, and in our contemporary world, not many of us are monastic. Getting stuck in a constant inability to synthesize information or make good decisions leads not only to poor choices but also to poor health from the stress that is the likely result. The best time to start working to reverse that trend is now.

Time is something you can never get back. Good decision making and smart life planning are not just for older folks. I have a lot of vitality at my age, but there are a few things I wish I had done earlier that I can’t do now. My shoulders and back hurt a little bit more at times, and healing can take a little longer. I notice myself crossing the invisible line from invincibility to vulnerability. So if you want to climb Mount Everest, you’d best make the decisions that will lead you there when you’re younger and perhaps more physically capable. For young people and everyone else, there is no time like the present to maximize your ROI to make the most of your health and enjoy the years you have.

As someone who always appreciates other people’s advice, I’ve found it frustrating that I had to go to so many different sources to get it. And afterward it took quite some time to synthesize it. I hope you can get the big picture—see the forest for the trees—through Optimal Living 360.

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