Introducing Optimal Living 360

On the move 360 degrees concept cycle illustrationWarning! I want to give you a heads-up first before you read any further. My new book Optimal Living 360 may actually give out too much information. Yes, that’s right: TMI. Conventional wisdom and rule of thumb suggest sticking to only a few topics. Guess what? This is not your conventional book. I am not going to follow the herd on this on

Why not? Because we all live multidimensional lives as human beings we have a complex makeup in a very complex world. We can’t afford to be masters of one domain yet be completely deficient or devoid in all the others. No one is perfect, including yours truly. We all have our unique strengths and weaknesses. I have had my share of life’s blunders, tragedies, failures, or whatever you want to call them. Yes, I have fallen on the mat quite a few times. Despite being battered and bruised in the figurative sense, I have continued to pick myself up.

My journey of ups and downs has given me a greater appreciation of life’s many twists and turns. I have had to learn about some of my own imperfections and insecurities. How does one deal with and reconcile them? The fact is they simply aren’t limited to one particular category. In terms of spirituality and religion, I have had times when I had internal conflicts and doubt to a point of existential confusion. In terms of health, I have had a few scares along the way. My relationships have come with their challenges as well as their rewards. And, of course, I have not been immune to the recent economic storm.

How do you navigate and survive this wilderness called life? There is so much information out there; it’s a bit overwhelming to try to gain perspective and understanding. It’s even more frustrating when you try focusing on one problem but still need help with several other issues. Who can you go to for help? What should you read? When I was in that situation, I didn’t want to walk out of a bookstore or library with ten books on various self-improvement subjects. I wanted to find one book that would give me a snapshot of life. I never found it—until now. It’s right here in your hands. You are holding it.

Optimal Living 360 was born from my own search for clarity and meaning. My goal is for you to get the absolute maximum of information possible from it. In other words, I want you to have a very high return on investment (ROI). Toward that end, I’ve included everything but the kitchen sink.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to be a superstar in everything. If you are simply well informed, you will be able to reach levels of mastery in several areas. Why not? We should all strive to find balance in life and excel in as many areas as we possibly can. I have complete confidence you can do this. We all have potential; by tapping into it, our limits are boundless.

In reading my new book, you have taken the first step toward better living. However, don’t expect to make wholesale changes overnight. It’s a process. Rome wasn’t built in one day. This book is meant to kick-start your journey, to give you a few pointers to build on. You will likely have to go back and reread and review things on occasion. Once you start noticing positive results, I am sure you will want to keep going. Even if you’re not ready for immediate change, simply being aware of the possibilities will help you set future goals.

So let’s not delay! Let’s get started on this journey together. Time is too precious to waste!

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