How To Be Safe During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is that time of the year when you spend great time with family and friends. It is also a time when you let the excitement of the holiday season make you careless about your health. This holiday time, give the gift of health to your family by following the below mentioned holiday safety tips:

• Lights
Avoid using electric lights on a metallic Christmas tree, as it can get charged with electricity, posing a threat of electrocution to someone touching them. Do check all lights before hanging them on the tree, ensuring all bulbs are working, with no loose connections, broken sockets, or frayed wires. Also, check labels on all lights so that you are sure these have been certified for use outdoors. Make sure you turn off all lights when you leave the house or go to bed to avoid short circuit.

• Trees
Always look for the “Fire Resistant” label while buying an artificial tree to stay safe during holidays. Place the tree away from fireplaces, portable heaters and overcrowded spots in your home. Do check for freshness if you are going for a live tree. Cut the trunk a few inches to expose fresh wood to ensure there is better water absorption and keep the tree from becoming a fire hazard.

• Decorations
If you have small children at home, make sure you do not go for sharp or breakable decorations. Do not keep trimmings that have small detachable parts within the reach of kids to prevent them from putting small pieces in mouth. Moreover, try not to use trimmings resembling delicacies or candies, which might tempt kids into swallowing them. While decorating your house, do not use combustible material to trim trees, which might catch fire and invite big trouble. Remove all gift wraps, papers, bags, ribbons from tree and fireplace areas to prevent them from posing a suffocation threat to your small child, who might try to swallow anything that attracts them. Moreover, such items are choking hazards and might even catch fire if placed near flame.

• Toy Safety
Read instructions carefully before buying a toy. However, if it has been gifted to your child, make sure you go through the instructions thoroughly before allowing your kid to play with it. Too advanced toys are known to pose safety hazards for tiny toddlers. Keep away from kids musical greeting cards, hearing aids, remote controls, or electronic items that use button batteries, since small children can swallow them, causing serious intestinal and stomach problems. Avoid gifting your child pull toys using strings over 12 inches in length, as these can be a strangulation hazard. Do not give your kids an electrical toy to prevent burns and electrical shocks; instead, go for battery-operated toys to bring a smile on your child’s face on Christmas while ensuring holiday safety.

• Safety
While you are busy planning holiday celebrations, make sure hot liquids are kept in the center of the counters or tables, away from the edges, so that your young child doesn’t end up knocking them over with his exploring hands.

• Happy Visiting
Remember that when you visit a friend or relative, their homes may not be childproofed, so look out for danger spots for your child, such as hot radiators, unlocked cabinets, laundry products, unattended purses, or stairways.

• Fireplaces
Make sure the flue is open. Remove all papers, boroughs, and other decoration items from fireplace area. Do not throw gift wraps in the fireplace, which can burn intensely, causing flash fire. Fire salts produce colored flames and should be used extremely cautiously, as they contain heavy metals, which pose a threat of intense gastrointestinal irritation if eaten accidently.
Practicing the aforementioned tips will help you stay safe during holidays.

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