Bad mood

How Lifestyle Affects Your Moods

Bad mood

Feeling a bit grouchy lately and can’t pinpoint the source?  It may very well be your lifestyle.  The ins and outs of the day may become routine to us, which is why we might not notice what it is making us unhappy.  Here are some of the small things in your lifestyle that may be affecting your mood.

We all know that a lack of sleep can leave us feeling irritated and grumpy the next day, so those of us burning the candle at both ends already know how this lifestyle can affect their moods.  Even small things in your life can affect your quality of sleep.  Do you have a TV or bedside lamp in your bedroom?  Do you often drift off to sleep with either of these on?  A new study suggests that the light at night can actually hinder melatonin production in the brain.  This hormone helps regulate your moods, and without it, you certainly won’t be very pleasant company.

Another vice that we know isn’t good for us…but did you know it can also affect your moods?  A recent study suggests that people who smoke increase their risks of depression.  In light of that, now is a good time to quit!

It may seem like a trivial matter, but your home décor may actually be affecting your moods.  First, if your items such as your couch, chairs, bed and the like do not meet your daily needs, your mood can be affected.  Second, the color of your home can have a major effect on your moods.  If your bedroom is painted a bright red or orange color, you may feel more anxious or unable to sleep then someone whose bedroom is painted a soothing blue.  Hanging up pictures of your loved ones or even pictures of beautiful scenery can affect your mood for the better.

Or the lack thereof can affect your moods.  Exercise has been linked to a lowering of depression symptoms, a boost in self-confidence, and even in improved concentration.  You don’t have to completely change your lifestyle or even join a gym to reap the benefits.  A simple walk around the block can really give you a boost.

Your diet will play a major role in your mood.  If you are a busy person and your diet consists of mainly food from vending machines and drive-thrus, your mood is going to suffer for it.  Instead of grabbing another candy bar, store some fruit at your desk for a snack such as the energy-boosting banana.  The vitamins and minerals will give you a natural boost without the sugar crash later on.  Make small change to your eating habits and see if your mood doesn’t quickly improve!

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