Happiness: The Ultimate Feel of Peace and Bliss


How difficult can it be to feel the pure and undulated joy and experience of happiness and bliss? We spend a lifetime searching for happiness and peace but most often than not we fail. Why? This is because happiness is a state of the mind and hence to find real happiness and sense of bliss, you need to look deeper within yourself.

How to Find Happiness

Finding happiness requires traveling on a path that will take you into the deeper realms within yourself. One of the easiest ways to start traveling on this path is meditation. If you practice meditation for happiness every day then you will be able to not only find inner peace but also be able to inculcate positive tendencies in your life.

Meditation for happiness will help you to enjoy abiding peace and you will reap the fruits of perfect harmony. What can meditation really do for you? Meditation can help you to fix your mind on the divine light and let it shine within you. Meditation can remove all your pain, sorrow, and suffering and set you on the road to salvation. It can induce a sense of oneness and direct your mind towards divine consciousness. It can open the doors of your mind so that you can receive intuitive knowledge as well as positive and spiritual vibrations.

You will be able to discover your blissful self and radiate a positivity that will enthuse in others the intention and will to live a life of happiness and peace.

Can Meditation Lead to Bliss?

Happiness, bliss, peace, contentment, joy, and ecstasy are all related to each other in the same way that the ocean is related to the waves. Meditation is the ocean in which the waves of happiness and bliss are formed.

You can practice meditation at any time during the day although the most favorable time is considered to be the “Brahmamuhurta”, which starts 48 minutes before sunrise. It is considered as the best time because after a night’s rest, the mind is refreshed and calm. There exists purity in the mind that opens it to receive positive energy from the world around us.

You can practice meditation for short time intervals (5 – 10 minutes) or long time intervals (30-60 minutes). In order to meditate, all you require is a quiet place, the right posture, and an objective. Train your mind to focus on the objective, which could be your breathing or any object or image.

Meditation helps the mind to become calmer and teaches it to be content. According to Buddhism, the real source of our happiness lies in finding inner peace and meditation will you find this peace. Once your mind is at peace, happiness and bliss will reign supreme.

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