Warning! I want to give you a heads-up first before you read any further. This book may actually give out too many bits of information. Yes, that’s right: TMI. Conventional wisdom and rule of thumb suggest sticking to only a few topics. Guess what? This is not your conventional book.

This book was born from my own search for clarity and meaning. My goal is for you to get the absolute maximum amount of information possible from it. In other words I want you to have a very high return on investment (ROI). Toward that end I’ve included everything but the kitchen sink in this book. I want every page you turn to be of great value.

People have to make choices all the time. Some may be fairly simple while some may be quite complex. The consequences of our choices will lay the foundation for our overall well-being.

One of the really helpful things about Integrative Decision Making is that it can be used for small and complex problems alike. Learn the method of thinking, and you pretty much have it.

It’s best to invest your currencies—time, energy, emotions, and money—in ways that maintain overall balance.

Living a life that is conscious of safety is what gives you the best shot at holding on to all those good things you have worked so hard to attain.

Don’t let paranoia destroy ya. In other words don’t live in fear. If you have good safety awareness, remain well prepared, and are vigilant, you will be fine.

What and how much you eat are important, but when you eat can be just as critical.

Obesity drives down the percentage of water to as low as forty-five percent of body weight. A great deal can go awry without enough water. For that reason it is significantly under-diagnosed.

When I used to think of yoga, what came to mind was images of Indian gurus twisted into various pretzel shapes, wearing their traditional orange garb.

Now it has gotten so mainstream in the Western world that there are many new variations: surfboard yoga, disco yoga, and tantra yoga , just to name a few.

The ROI on formal education really can’t be overemphasized. It is linked with better health, a longer lifespan, improved self-confidence, higher self-esteem, and higher income potential. Getting a good education can’t guarantee more success in life; unfortunately nothing can do that. But would you like to increase your probability of success significantly?

Here’s a thought worth pondering: getting enough sleep is ultimately a time saver rather than a time waster. A well-rested person will get more done—and in much finer fashion—than a sleepy, over-caffeinated person trying to push through.

A hallmark of low self-esteem is the blaming of external factors and other people for one’s problems.

Keep an open mind about intuition. Diversify the input your brain receives through having varied experiences.

Don’t underestimate yourself. Many of us have been taught to keep quiet or not to believe in ourselves. Try your best to forget those misguided lessons. People learn by speaking up and asking questions. You won’t know about your talents and intellectual capacities without trying, so go for it! Then be proud of your strengths. Maximize and appreciate them while you work on improving your weaknesses. Keep the mind moving and your best will get even better.

Absolutely one of the most important skills for good communication is to be a good listener. Some attitudes get in the way of listening, like making rash assumptions; biases based on a person’s age, ethnicity, religion, or actions; a lack of focus; or just being too busy talking about yourself. Sometimes people shut down when they are afraid of what they may hear. Sometimes they have selective hearing and listen to only what they want to hear.

Despite its stated value, the relative value of money can change dramatically based on your circumstances. A dollar that buys chilled water while you’re dehydrated in a desert is priceless. If you were stranded on a desolate island next to a pot of gold, it would seem completely worthless. The gold would quickly become extremely valuable again if it were all exchanged for the opportunity to be rescued.

Because of all the possible risks, a lot of people think of investing as a form of gambling. If you’re investing for the long term, that is not usually the case. However it may be a truer statement if you are speculating.

Ultimate Charity is charity with no strings attached. In other words there are no tax breaks, no publicity or media attention, no accolades, or any other of the usual perks.
Spirituality is often discussed as that which is concerned with the depth, meaning, and purpose of life. It is the exploration into thoughts or practices that provide feelings of connectedness among people, sometimes among people and all living things, and very often between people and the greater universe. A spiritual model may or may not include the concept of a supreme being. Religion, on the other hand, tends to signify a more ordered and socialized set of practices. Religious intolerance is not only destructive to the balance of your Core Assets; it is also destructive to society.


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