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Do I Need Insurance for Travel Health and Security

Travel Airport

Planning to travel abroad on a family holiday? Whether you are planning a small family trip to Ibiza or a long haul to the Great Wall of China, don’t leave home without travel insurance. You are probably wondering why you really need travel insurance.

The most important reason for keeping insurance handy is uncertainty! Anything and everything can go wrong during your planned family holiday. Flights can get cancelled, tsunami can appear without a warning, and someone might accidently bang your hired car. If that’s not all, some unknown and seemingly harmless insect bite can land you at the emergency ward of a hospital in a foreign land. Have you ever thought about all this?

You might not be able to avoid any of the above circumstances but you can take precautionary and prevention measures. You can simply invest in a travel insurance policy that offers you insurance cover against uncertainties like trip or flight cancellations, medical treatments, emergency medical treatments, illness or injury, accidental injury, terrorist attacks, weather related problems and natural calamities.

What Will Travel Insurance Cover?

There are different types of travel insurance covers offered by insurance companies. You can opt for a specific cover like emergency medical evacuation insurance or trip cancellation or interruption insurance. You can also opt for a single policy with multiple covers like a travel health insurance policy. A travel medical policy can contain several coverage benefits like emergency air transportation, coverage for medical treatment, hospital bed and emergency room charges, dental treatment cover, and trip cancellation or interruption cover. Some of the travel health insurance covers can offer an overall maximum cover of $1,000,000 per insured.

Some of the common risks covered under travel insurance include:

Medical emergency: This includes both accidents and sickness caused by food poisoning or local insect bites etc. Most travel health insurance cover all types of medical emergencies.

Trip cancellation: This refers to cancellation of your travel due to death in the family, sickness, or accident prior to the trip.

Emergency evacuation: This risk entails the need for immediate evacuation if you are stranded in a region hit by natural calamity or by terrorists or radical forces that endanger your life or that of your family.

Trip interruption: This is similar to trip cancellation. The only difference being an interruption during your travel that requires you to cancel some or most part of the trip. Trip cancellation or trip interruption is covered by all basic travel insurance policies.

Repatriation of remains: This is applicable if the insured dies and the body has to be repatriated back to the country of citizenship.

Travel Delays due to weather: This is a weather related risk. Sometimes due to bad weather, flights are cancelled and if you have travel insurance then you will be covered for such a situation.

Damaged, stolen or lost baggage: This refers to losing your baggage and valuables in a foreign country.

There are several other risks as well like funerals, war, terrorism, high risk countries etc, which can also be included within your travel or travel health insurance cover by paying additional cost.

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