How can a life coach help you?

Life coaching draws from sociology, career counseling as well as management training, it is a blend of consulting and therapy and a life coach is an individual who is sought after. Life coaching is non-judgmental which is considerably different than the traditional client-professional relationship.

A life coach works with clients on a one-on-one basis. The objective is to work on goal setting as well as personal growth and behavior change. A life coach acts as a mentor, and based on the premise that almost everyone can attain their goals with proper guidance; the coach assists the client in the process of making the changes and taking the actions which will improve the client’s life allowing him or her to take control of the future.

A life coach has little interest in the past and does not spend time reviewing past events or attempting to analyze past failures. Using attainable steps, the life coach works with the client, helping to overcome the current fears and working toward attaining balance in their life, both personal and professional.

If you are searching for a life coach look for someone you are comfortable with because the process depends a great deal on trust, you may have to try a number of individuals before you find the perfect match. If the client does not wish to take action, the life coach can do little or nothing, the coach is the client’s sounding board and it is up to the client to run ideas past the coach not the other way around. If the client is in need of therapy or is terribly depressed, a life coach is the wrong person to go to.

Psychologists as well as practitioners with no credentials can be a life coach as there is no formal training required and a degree is not attainable. There are a number of programs available that train people who wish to become a life coach but there is no professional registry hence there is no way to determine in advance if the particular coach is right for the client or not.
Although working with a life coach is somewhat expensive it has proven itself to be very beneficial to many people who wish for personal growth and behavioral changes.

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