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Herd Immunity: The Shocking Truth of a Biologic Holocaust

Herd Immunity: The Shocking Truth of a Biologic Holocaust There has been a lot of buzz lately about herd immunity and how it can stem the COVID-19 virus. Is this concept justified during the pandemic? There is heated debate, but the medical community is predominantly against herd immunity for COVID-19. So before I get into

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The Cost of Cutting Sleep

An hour shaved from shuteye here, twenty minutes there. What are the dangers of insomnia? The cost might be larger than you think. When a team at the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar evaluated the sleep patterns of over 500 participants over the course of a year, they calculated that those with sleep debt were

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The Right Way to Boost Sleep with Supplements

Certain herbs and tinctures have long been associated with relaxation and improved sleep. While modern science has explained the mechanism behind some of these remedies, others remain elusive; but in either case, countless people have found they can make a positive difference in the timing and the quality of their sleep. When a group at

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Does Losing Sleep Mean Losing Strength?

Sure, one late night might make you groggy, but here’s something we weren’t expecting: According to a study published in Biological Rhythm Research, when a group of football players reduced the number of hours they slept, their physical performance — including peak strength and reaction times — went down after just one late night. On

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Getting Better Sleep with a Bedroom Makeover

Stress can rob us of our most precious sleep. But what if the bedroom — where we supposedly go to try to relax and escape the daily grind — is actually a source of some of that stress? Whether you’re looking for quick, affordable sleep makeover or full on feng shui is more your speed, today’s focus

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