Corporate Wellness

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Did you know that most people spend more time at work than anywhere else? On an average, an American works for around 47 hours a week. It therefore becomes important for organizations to keep their employees healthy and happy. Corporate wellness programs are perhaps the best tool for this. These programs benefit both the employee and the employer. Let us take a look at the various advantages of these programs.

1. Reduced Costs

The implementation of wellness programs at the workplace can prove to be quite effective in reducing the health care costs of a company. This means that businesses need to spend less on medical and health facilities as well as health insurance costs for its employees. In addition to this, organizations with wellness programs tend to experience reduced health care premiums and disability costs. Also, the employees are seen filing less health insurance claims.

2. Healthier Employees

A corporate wellness program generally offers a large number of initiatives related to health care. It may include nutritional advice, medical help and exercise programs. These initiatives have proven to bring down the risk of disease and illness. It has been observed that employees participating in these programs tend to have reduced risk of chronic disorders, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity. Corporate wellness programs also help reduce the incidence of diabetes, stroke and heart attacks. This, in turn, results in healthier staff members, which ultimately increases the productivity of the organization.

3.   Reduced Absenteeism

Corporate wellness programs have been found to lower the rate of absenteeism. Employees who participate in these programs enjoy working at the company and working out with colleagues. Due to reduced absenteeism, the organization is successful in saving employee turnover costs. Reduced absenteeism also leads to better employee performance and increased work output. This ultimately leads to the success of the company and increased satisfaction among the employees.

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